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Developmental Optometry

About Us

Ms. Maureen A Leach
(Principal) Dip. App. Sc. (Optom), FAOA

Maureen Leach is highly trained in the following areas with over 30 years’ experience.

Maureen Leach can be consulted for your general optometry requirements.

Maureen Leach has a special interest in children's vision and learning difficulties.


Developmental Optometry.

Developmental or Behavioural optometry (for children) is an extension of optometry that takes a holistic approach to vision. Apart from being able to see well, we need effective visual skills to process what we are seeing. 

Seeing is our primary method of gathering information.

Over 80% of what a child learns in the classroom is learned through their vision.  If their visual skills have not developed or not developed efficiently then they can’t process what they see.  If they can’t see well, it makes it hard for them to learn.  Sometimes they become bored and can become disruptive in class by talking too much or may be labelled ADHD. Helping these special patients to acquire good visual skills can build their confidence and their ability to learn. 
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