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Optical Eye Health

Latest Technology

The Latest Technology to assure Optimal Eye Health - Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - is now available to you at Maureen Leach Optometrist.
OCT Optical Coherence Tomography is the latest technology in assuring optimal eye health. This new technology allows us to discover the earliest changes in macular layers, retinal layers and optic nerves. OCT allows us to diagnose macular disease earlier than ever before by scanning these structures with laser beams.

OCT also allows us to diagnose glaucoma in its earliest stages. In the past, the test you are familiar with in our practice, digital photography and visual fields have been the ultimate tests showing changes in the optic nerve head and early fields defects. Now we are adding OCT to this battery of tests, we can detect changes in the actual ganglion cells and retinal nerve fibre layers which lead to glaucoma and vision loss if untreated. Thus much earlier diagnosis can be made in detecting the presence of glaucoma. Also it will enable us to detect earliest changes in the progression of glaucoma which will enhance the management of this disease.
OCT is recommended for people who have any changes in the appearance of their optic nerves, early defects, elevated intra-ocular pressures as well as family history of glaucoma.
OCT is also invaluable for detecting and monitoring macular changes, especially in our aging population. It is crucial to see these early changes as now there is treatment available for the wet type of macular degeneration.
OCT is a painless procedure and requires no drops being administered into the eyes. It takes a similar amount of time to perform as the retinal photography that you are used to at our practice. But you are not subject to the bright flash of the retinal camera. OCT uses laser technology which safely scans the macular, retinal and optic nerve layers. After the scanning, we can see the visual dissection of these layers on the screen. It will give us 3D images of these structures in amazing detail.
OCT is not covered by Medcare so there is a charge for this procedure.
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